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  • We provide athletes with development tools that help improve critical skills that are not typically addressed in conventional sports training. Drawing from experience, we recognize that it is difficult to measure growth of certain intangible skills like visual performance and mental resilience within the context of sports. Our company offers solutions that can measure those intangible skills and then facilitate their growth

  • The solutions we offer can benefit athletes of all sports Aside from professional goaltender training, our products and services are intended to be used by athletes from virtually every sports background. From professional golfers to 8 year old hockey players and everyone in between, we are proud to aid the development of athletes across the board.

  • Vision training is the process of increasing the overall functionality of the human visual system. In simple terms, the human visual system is composed of the eyes and the brain, and vision training effectively helps these organs to work together more efficiently. We offer a comprehensive vision training solution called The Edge Trainer, a web-based vision evaluation and training system developed by our partners at Vizual Edge that is designed to perfect the six core visual skills. The Edge Trainer combines 3D technology with decades of clinical research in sports vision to deliver progression-based training programs. Every athlete who uses The Edge Trainer receives a personalized training program that is specifically tailored to their unique visual system.

  • Mental resilience is the ability of a person to adapt and persist in the face of adversity of one form or another. We work with athletes of all ages and sports backgrounds to deepen their understanding of the mental side of sports and help them develop fundamental techniques to maintain strong mental performances. We offer 1:1 consultations and group seminars as well as an online athletic development platform called Gameplan which allows us to stay connected to our athletes, create educational opportunities and provide mentorship.

  • Every athlete is different, therefore, the time required to see results will also vary from athlete to athlete. There are a number of factors that contribute to how quickly an athlete will see results from vision training, however, The Edge Trainer has been proven to create lasting performance improvements within 2-4 weeks of consistent usage. When it comes to visual skills, there is always room for improvement no matter how advanced an athlete becomes in their training. As for Mental Resilience Development, improvement is determined on a more qualitative basis as each athlete completes regular assessments of their mental performance over time in addition to statistical production and coaching feedback. The amount of time it takes to see results from Mental Resilience Development varies for every athlete in the same way that every student in a classroom will learn at a different pace.

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