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Hockey 1 150 150 Elite Edge

“When Ryan came to us with the visual training opportunity, we didn’t believe it would really help improve our son’s skills. The exercises looked so easy and we couldn’t understand how playing a ‘computer game’ would increase his ability. To our surprise, the results have been very positive. We are able to watch Jacob on the ice and see his increased tracking ability. Jacob has always been complimented on his mobility and flexibility, but we were surprised when coaches started going out of their way to compliment his puck tracking… and we’re still seeing improvements in Jacob’s abilities.”

Hockey 2

Hockey 2 150 150 Elite Edge

“Elite Edge has built a comprehensive training program for me over the past 3 seasons. Utilizing all of their services, I have developed into a more complete athlete. The biggest change in my game came from using their vision training program. The VEPT has improved all of my visual goaltending skills immensely, putting me in a position to sign with a Jr. A hockey club in pursuit of a college scholarship. Thank you, Elite Edge, for helping me reach the next level in my athletic journey.”

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